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June 08, 2004


Missy (Sayklly) Sundholm

Dear Joe,
You do not know me! We have never met, but I am emailing you this, because I recently recieved a letter that you posted on January 14, 2007 in the Free Press. It was I believe titled: I've heard of Sanders: why have I never heard of Sayklly's? Well I was alittle hurt by the information that was given to you from our cousins, who now own the Saykllys Confectionary and Gifts Store. They however omitted A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, THAT PERSON WOULD BE THE PAST OWNER AND MOST IMPORTANT PERSON THAT MADE SAYKLLYS CANDIES WHAT IT IS TODAY, NEXT TO MY GRANDFATHER JOSEPH SAYKLLY. THAT PERSON IS MY FATHER FRED SAYKLLY! HE TOOK OVER THE CANDY MAKING FROM HIS FATHER JOSEPH AND ADDED SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO THAT! I have a story that could continue on what you were told and I would love to share it with you! I do have to tell you that my FATHER is very hurt that NO mention of him was in your article! That is ashame! PLEASE EMAIL ME AND I WOULD LOVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS MAN, MY FATHER, BETTER KNOWN AS THE "CANDY MAN" FRED SAYKLLY! Thank You, Missy Sayklly Sundholm

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