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June 13, 2006



Also, look into Web technology. Most newspapers are looking like crazy for people who know how anything about producing for the Web. Good luck!

Richard Lyman

I'm in a similar boat and mine is sinking. The loans are biting at my heels. I was 39 when I graduated and that probably has something to do with it. But it's frustrating. I wrote scores of papers and took a lot of writing intensive courses and never cheated and always did my own work, GPA 3.25; however, since graduating, I have watched two other guys who bought on the internet or had someone else write every paper ever assigned to them get high paying jobs. Both of them have never read a book. They knew someone at the gym who liked their interest in sports. Who says illiteracy doesn't pay?

Richard Lyman

The only job I got in the newspaper business was as a stringer, or freelancer. I was reprimanded for not painting a city official in a good light. I applied for another paper and went through a six hour interview, and was told it was between me and 4 other candidates. All four were around 25 years old. One of the young editors for the paper, a girl about 25 years old, told me she covered the local community history. I told her that a citizen of XXX who had posthumously won the Medal of Honor during WWII had a spaceship named after him in the movie Starship Troopers, based on Robert Heinlein's novel of the same name. She asked me, "What's the Medal of Honor? Is that like the good conduct medal? You gotta know somebody to break into the newspaper business. Jeez!!! I better stick with freelance.

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