Since becoming the Detroit Free Press' recruiter in 1990, my work and the journalism industry have changed in unexpected ways. The transformation is rapid. One benefit is that I now learn from and help other Gannett recruiters. is a hub site that helps keep everything organized. It tells you what I am up to, it links to my latest work and it is a test site for new projects. My best ideas have always come from you, so please write.
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The Future of News Jobs
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Catch "The Future of News Industry Jobs" at the University of Marykand at College Park Oct. 26-27.

Just 50 bucks.

Speakers and subjects include:
Tom Rosentiel, Project for Excellence in Journalism  •  Bruce Shapiro, Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma  •  Don Heider, Philip Merrill College of Journalism  •  Linda Foley, President, Newspaper Guild--CWA

Tools and Sources
Peter Perl, The Washington Post   •  Andrea Lynn,  •  Ed Foster-Simeon, USA Today  • Don Villar, WLS-Televsion

Where are the Jobs?
Holly Nielsen, Gannett  •  Ju-Don Roberts, Washington Post Newsweek Interactive   •  Michelle Hord, ABC News   • Jan Schaffer, J-Lab, The Institute for Interactive Journalism   •  James Joyce, NABET-CWA

Economics and the Future

Jane Scholz, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services  •  Ben Scott,  •  Mark Cooper, Consumers Federation  •  Ted Venetoulis, Baltimore Media Group  •  Mark Walsh, Ruxton Ventures LLC, GeniusRocket, Inc. • Jeff Johnson, Former Publisher Los Angeles Times; Yucaipa Cos., LLC

Keynote Speaker

Mark Deuze, Indiana University

Saturday Workshop – Training for the Future

Tom Kunkel, Dean, University of Maryland

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